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Clinic Instructor

Patrick is a tenured So Kids SOAR participant, volunteer, and a Your Path to Success 2020 graduate! Patrick received our 2021 for participant of the year award. Patrick has been teaching virtual and in person cooking clinics for So Kids SOAR since January 2021. Patrick recently taught his third in-person cooking clinic with his friend and fellow YPTS graduate Milan. The night before the cooking clinic, a nearby house explosion in Sterling,  Virginia shook the land, the news, and Patrick’s heart. His mother, Kendra, shared with us that Patrick used his instructor earnings to donate a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray to each of the Sterling Volunteer Firefighter stations (there are 3 stations). “I’m sure you heardabout the house explosion in Sterling. This was not far from us. I was outside when it happened and immediately told Patrick to turn on the scanner. We listened together and it was heartbreaking to hear their pleas for help. We wanted to help. Thank you for always being so generous and teaching SKS participants to do the same.”

Patrick Green Quick SKS Stats:

  • attended 32 adaptive clinics (began with SKS in 2015)

  • 2020 Your Path To Success Graduate

  • 2021 - 2024 SKS Cooking and Games Instructor (has led 3 in-person and 9 virtual clinics)

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