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So Kids SOAR clinics are adaptive clinics held once or twice a month for children with disabilities aged 4 – 24. Through our events, those with physical and developmental disabilities are able to come off the sidelines and unite with their peers. A lot of these children have been bullied in schools, and are left out of activities with able-bodied children.


The empowerment and self confidence gained through the clinic will carry over from the field to the home, classroom, and the community, allowing them to realize that their disability will not prevent them from fulfilling their dreams. Each child is partnered with a volunteer to learn the essence of teamwork, have a mentor, and also bond over a sense of camaraderie.


Throughout the year, So Kids SOAR provides a wide variety of adaptive clinics for children with physical and developmental disabilities— from waterskiing and football to cooking and Prom.  The SKS Holiday Celebration is more than a seasonal party; it is our culminating year-end event that gives our participants (the beneficiaries of our free SKS clinics) the opportunity to “pay-compassion-forward”.


Participants engage in a variety of philanthropic activities at the Holiday Celebration including: wrapping presents for underprivileged children; decorating desserts for homeless shelters; making holiday cards for Veterans, and more. The SKS Holiday Celebration is a time for fun and philanthropy, and a reminder that their disabilities will not hold them back from reaching their potential.




So Kids SOAR's mentorship program that provides communication, leadership, and vocational skill building for young adults with developmental delays and/or physical disabilities in the DC area. The program concept derived from the need to provide SKS participants with resources to expand and grow after their time in SKS clinics. Over the course of 3 months, the program offers participants both skill-building workshops on topics such as resume development, interviewing, and formal e-mail communication as well as off-site group community service projects, site visits to places that employ those with disabilities, and opportunities to network. We seek for participants to walk away with meaningful relationships, new confidence, and real skills that allow them to pursue independence and gainful employment.


Demographic Served

Children with physical and developmental disabilities between ages 4 and 24.

Pro Athlete Involvement

Works with every professional sports team in DC (Commanders, Capitals, Nationals, DC United, etc.)

Participants Per Event

On average, each So Kids Soar clinic or specialty event typically hosts between 25 to 150 participants.

Yearly Presence In DMV

Five years of operation in Washington D.C. Metro area with over 50 successful clinics.

Cost Is Never An Issue

Every So Kids Soar event or clinic is completely free for the participant to attend!

Volunteer Ratio

So Kids Soar volunteers come out in force! We proudly have a 1:1 volunteer to participant ratio.

Community Partnerships

Standing partnerships with more than 70 adaptive athletics organizations.

Siblings Are Welcome

Typically developing siblings of children with disabilities are encouraged to participate and share in the fun

For The Overall Good

Provides community integration, higher quality of life, and true empowerment for children living with a disability.


Monthly Calendar of Events

Adaptive Tennis with Junior Tennis Champions Center

Digital Yoga 

Digital Cooking 

Therapeutic Horse Riding

11th Annual Ice Hockey with the Washington Capitals


Digital Art: Music 

Wing Bowl Fundraiser

Rugby with DC Wolfpack

Digital Art


Digital Cooking 

8th Annual PROM

Digital Dance 

Your Path to Success Applications Due

11th Annual Water Sports

Digital STEM

Art or Dance

Digital Open Mic


Digital Art: Music 


4th Annual Trunk or Treat with the Washington Commanders


Giving Tuesday Fundraiser


Holiday Celebration with Open Mic

End of Year  Fundraiser

Your Path to Success Kicks Off

Your Path to Success Concludes


2022: 7

Total Since 2020: 163


2022: 9

Total Since 2011: 126


1 installment every year since 2017


1 event every year since 2011 (virtual in 2020)

Kai Testimonial Photo

“I just had to take a moment and thank you for everything that you have done helping Kai. From the earlier beginnings of proms, water sports, baseball, basketball, and holiday volunteering to global talent shows featuring celebrities, mentoring workshops, internships and planning conferences, SKS has done more for Kai than any other recreation program to date. The constant innovation and evolvement of programs keep your mission relevant and progressive. Our entire family is grateful for your hard work and ideas."


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