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Programs Coordinator

Kierra Johnson is the new Programs Coordinator of So Kids SOAR. Kierra is a unique case as she has autism and is a recent graduate of Your Path to Success 2022, which is how she came to discover the program. Before she joined YPTS, Kierra first graduated from Montgomery College in 2019 and then transferred to St. Mary’s College of Maryland to graduate in 2022 with a bachelors in math.  Kierra is also a former college basketball athlete who played at both Montgomery College and St. Mary’s. She also won a gold medal in the Special Olympics USA games.


Kierra currently lives with her parents, one sister, and three brothers, one of them also has autism. Kierra has a deep love for statistics. She wants to grow and learn how to use data to help maximize and grow the profit. Kierra is super excited to work with SO Kids SOAR as her first job out of college. She hopes to take the data that SO Kids Soar collects and use it to help the program soar higher and brighter in the future!

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