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Arianna (Ari) Emanuel-Wright is originally from the sunny state of Jacksonville, Florida where she grew up playing many sports. In 5th grade, she decided to pursue basketball and it worked out marvelously. Ari was a Varsity starter as a Freshman on her high school team, received two basketball scholarships at the Junior College and Division-1 levels, and played professionally for the Women’s American Basketball Association, FIBA, and the AEBL in Atlanta, Georgia. 


In addition to sports, Ari’s family made it priority for her to instill the value of education - because no one can take away what you have learned. She earned an Associate of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Sante Fe College, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (with a minor in Creative writing) from the University of North Florida, and a Master of Science in Career Counseling from Florida State University. 


Ari truly enjoys the experiences that she is able to share with the youth of this generation. With So Kids Soar, she facilitates poetry slam sessions and is blown away by the talent expressed through the words that they share. She also implements a variety of camps of clinics for the youth program with the Washington Wizards and Mystics, and works full-time as an Associate Director of Graduate Career Advising and Education at the School of Business at William and Mary University. 

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