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Jayson Wilkinson Headshot

Board Member

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  • Hometown: Wheaton, MD 

  • Year you joined the board: 2022

  • Current roles held: Parent Committee Member 

  • Current professional role: Senior Professional Development Manager at Gates Ventures 

  • Favorite memory: I'm used to being in education spaces. I've been in the classroom as an educator one way or another for most of the last 20 years so when I enter new education-related groups, I commit myself to listening for authenticity. It's a habit. That said, when I sat and listened during my first board meeting to the folks at SOAR talk about supporting students and families, I was sold. It's easy in the context of this domestic climate to become disillusioned or jaded about family engagement. I didn't sense any of that. I found a group of folks from a variety of backgrounds who cared deeply about supporting an under-resourced community here in the DMV. 

  • Fun Fact: I love cooking and entertaining. Every year since 2009, I've cooked ALL of Thanksgiving for my extended family. It usually takes about a week but I love every minute of it.     

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